Backflow Prevention Perth.

Backflow Prevention, Testing, Installation, Design and Maintenance Perth.

Accredited Backflow Testing Specialists, backflow Installation and maintenance throughout Perth and surrounds.

The team at Perth Backflow Specialists Specialise in new backflow installations, testing and repairs of existing systems and are fully Licensed and Certified backflow testers.

Western Australia Law stipulates that all properties containing multiple water services, that fall within a medium – high risk category, must have adequate backflow prevention installed. A Backflow Prevention System can only be installed and commissioned by a licensed and accredited backflow specialist.

Why choose Perth Backflow Specialists?

  • Certified backflow technicians. We have highly-skilled and extensively trained backflow plumbers who are approved to test, maintain, inspect and repair backflow prevention systems. Our technicians are accredited to facilitate backflow testing and cross-connection control for your premises.
  • Analyse backflow risk rating on your property. We understand how sensitive backflow situations are and the extensive work needed, to ensure that you have safe, fresh and clean water. By successfully identifying the backflow risk rating at your property, we are able to determine the type of containment device that is required.
  • Multi device discounts. Multi device testing discounts are available, when more than one device is present, within the same property needing testing at the same time, ask us about this at the time of your booking.
  • Set price testing. There are no hidden fees or charges, our backflow test prices are set and extremely competitive within the Perth market, were happy to quote prior our arrival.
  • Effective backflow prevention solutions. With many years years experience in the industry, we will provide the most effective backflow devices for your commercial needs. We assess and install the backflow preventive device in the most strategic locations in your plumbing system and in accordance with industry standards.
  • Ongoing backflow preventative maintenance. We just don’t stop at testing and treating your backflow problems, we provide you with appropriate preventive maintenance to ensure that backflow problems don’t occur in the future.
  • Annual testing. Automatic re-scheduling is also available, you don’t need to remember to call us, we can get in touch with you when it’s time to schedule in your next test.
  • Automatic testing lodgement. Ensuring you meet your annual compliance obligations, we will happily submit your inspection reports directly to the Water Corporation. Our aim is to make your annual backflow test a hassle free as possible.
  • Minimum down time. During the testing process your water will need to be shut off (for a short period of time), we will work with you to find the most suitable time to perform your backflow test, ensuring your water shut off time is minimal.

Ensure your water is safe

Further information on backflow prevention & current backflow laws in Western Australia can be found by clicking here or by visiting the water corporation of wa website.